How is Yoga For the Rest of Us Different From Other Yoga Methods?

My cousin really wanted to learn yoga but she couldn’t find a class that was suitable due to her health concerns. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t locate a yoga class that was basic enough to ease her into the level of fitness that yoga requires. How did “Yoga for the Rest of Us” open the world of yoga to her?”Yoga for the Rest of Us” is a video class developed by Peggy Cappy. This particular approach to yoga allows nearly anyone to enjoy the benefits that yoga has to offer. If your flexibility is limited or you have other health and fitness concerns, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for. This yoga video allows people of all sizes, shapes and ages to enjoy the benefits yoga has to offer.”Yoga for the Rest of Us” consists of a three-part video that allows you to learn the basics of yoga in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with a class or dealing with an instructor that pushes you beyond your physical limitations. Peggy uses this video to teach the basics of yoga and demonstrates poses that almost anyone can achieve.While “Yoga for the Rest of Us is great for those who aren’t yet ready for a more intense yoga workout, there are some things to remember:• This yoga video is not meant for those who area already flexible enough for regular yoga classes and it definitely isn’t intended for those who want to learn the more advanced poses of yoga.• If you prefer to learn yoga in a class or with a live instructor, this particular yoga product probably won’t meet your needs.• “Yoga for the Rest of Us” will only take you so far. While it is great for beginners, you may eventually want to work your way to up to classes in a yoga studio or more advanced yoga videos.• Even though Peggy’s video is geared towards those with physical limitations, you should still check with your doctor if you have any health complications. Any exercise program needs to be cleared with your physician if you have serious health concerns.Whether you just can’t handle the intensity of a regular yoga workout or you want to learn basic yoga poses in your own home before working your way up to a more advanced yoga class, “Yoga for the Rest of Us” is a great tool. While you won’t become a yoga guru by watching it, you will learn to benefit from the basics that yoga has to offer.

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